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All That Was Beautiful

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There was something tender about walking through intense darkness and intense light. There was a very real choice in each moment to reach more deeply into my Self and to offer my love more intensely to the world — to align with all that was beautiful about being alive and to live as a prayer — no matter what.

Without Words

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I began to get a sense of what it meant to be in the heart, to notice the peace I had longed for. It was quieter here. And still I knew to continue on. After all, there really was no going back and no clear destination — only a mysterious unfolding road ahead of me and the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard — without any words.    


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One of the most beautiful treasures of the heart, was the complete awe in finding the empty space where energies I had tried so hard to struggle against had simply fallen away. And in that awe, every connection, every thought — every moment was enough exactly as it was.

Something Beautiful

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There was a quieting, a gentle shift from pure survival to an aliveness that flowed out of the willingness to embrace carefully hidden emotion in a way that was both safe and strong enough to hold the most painful experiences — transforming them, through this holding, into something beautiful.

A Gentler Way of Being

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Because I had tired of old ways or because I sensed the time had come to forge a different path, I settled in just below the surface — daring to stand still in chaos, becoming willing to listen with my heart — letting go of the need to be neatly sorted — rediscovering the subtle, natural beauty in the return to a gentler way of being.

From This Space

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I let go of the search for understanding and relief outside of me. I began to reconnect with my own heart and with my experiences in the world in a gentler way. And to my surprise, this gentler way was so beautiful that just one whisper from this space was enough to drop all that was untrue and unneeded forever.