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All That Was Beautiful

Reflections December 11, 2017

There was something

tender about walking

through intense darkness

and intense light.

There was a

very real choice in

each moment to reach

more deeply into my Self

and to offer my love

more intensely to the world —

to align with all that was

beautiful about being alive

and to live as a prayer —

no matter what.


A Power in Us

Continuing On, Softening, Tenderness September 26, 2017

I found there is

a power in us

that rises up

in challenging times.

When there seems

to be little hope,

it shows itself.

And then it softens

all that it touches.

And it shows us

how to create

beauty out of pain

and tenderness

where there was


From This Space

Reflections June 28, 2016

I let go

of the search

for understanding

and relief outside

of me.

I began to reconnect

with my own heart

and with my experiences

in the world

in a gentler way.

And to my surprise,

this gentler way

was so beautiful

that just one whisper

from this space

was enough

to drop all that was

untrue and unneeded