A Power in Us

I found there is

a power in us

that rises up

in challenging times.

When there seems

to be little hope,

it shows itself.

And then it softens

all that it touches.

And it shows us

how to create

beauty out of pain

and tenderness

where there was



Without Words

I began to get

a sense of

what it meant

to be in the heart,

to notice the peace

I had longed for.

It was quieter


And still I knew

to continue on.

After all,

there really was

no going back

and no clear destination —

only a mysterious

unfolding road

ahead of me

and the most beautiful

prayer I had ever heard —

without any words.



A Gentler Way of Being

Because I had tired

of old ways

or because I sensed

the time had come

to forge

a different path,

I settled in

just below the surface —

daring to stand still

in chaos,

becoming willing

to listen with my heart —

letting go of the need

to be neatly sorted —

rediscovering the subtle,

natural beauty

in the return to

a gentler way of being.

From This Space

I let go

of the search

for understanding

and relief outside

of me.

I began to reconnect

with my own heart

and with my experiences

in the world

in a gentler way.

And to my surprise,

this gentler way

was so beautiful

that just one whisper

from this space

was enough

to drop all that was

untrue and unneeded