A Little Magic

I found a little magic

in the reclaimed ability to transform

all that was painful

into something tender.

It was each momentary remembrance

of the first time

I dared to turn down the noise

around me and inside

that carried me gently back

to my heart again

and again.

It was the courage to stand

in the quiet space within

just a little longer,

allowing all that was unsorted

and unhealed

to be held without condition

just a little more deeply

that attuned me

to the continuous quiet prayer

in my heart

and reconnected me

to my soul.

Almost Forgotten

And so I vowed

to go to the

very center of

my heart,

to do whatever

was required,

not knowing

what I would find

or if I would ever

make my way back,

no longer waiting

for relief

or healing

from outside of me —

reaching only

for the faint whispers

from a place

almost forgotten..