At a certain point,

letting go

of everything

became the only real


There was a

gentle surrender,

a resetting of parts

ready to work


in new ways —

a release of the


dialogue of mind

that would have

held me back.


This Natural Peace

There was relief

in not needing

to fit

all of the pieces

of my heart


all at once.

I found comfort

in allowing life

to unfold

from within

and freedom

in experiencing myself

and others

in this natural state

of peace.

With a Surrender

Moments of deep

peace always came

with a surrender —

a prayer of


that there was

really no acceptable

way of proceeding


as a separate part.

The peace was in

seeing a little more


from an expanded

sense of self.

Without Doubt

It became clear

that everything most


had come out of

a quiet prayer.

I knew,

without doubt,

that every single

real treasure

in my life had

come out of

an ever deepening

inner surrender —

a sinking down

and trusting in

my own true essence

a little more


Whatever It Was

At a certain point,

the only real

option was to hold

the space within —

to retreat

in surrender

to the quiet prayer

of my heart —

not knowing

how or if

it would affect

anything else.

But it was the only

real option left —

again and again.

The landing became


after a while.

And it didn’t seem

to matter so much

what met me

in that place.

Whatever it was

had to know

the sweetness

of that same


The Surrender

I learned

the sweetness

in not having


I learned to

show up

with my fear

and let go

of everything

I thought I knew

in each moment —

trusting I would be


Words came.

Important pieces

showed up.

But it was

the surrender

to my own unique


my own higher Self,

that I found

most sweet.


I searched

and gathered

and carried

and tried

and learned

many things

in hope

of finding

and sharing

something that would

make some kind of


or bring some kind

of relief.

And I found the deepest

kind of healing came

in setting it all down —

daring to show up


The Quieting

The quieting

continued to deepen.

Outer and inner experiences

were no longer seen

as obstacles,

but as life simply

showing up

as I had witnessed

my own self

showing up

to meet life.

And in this quieting,

there was often

sadness —

as again and again,

I offered up

my whole self

to something other than

what my mind imagined

life to be.

But there was always

great peace.