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Turning Back

Within the Mystery March 14, 2019

The was a gentle turning back

and dropping more deeply

into the space within my heart.

It was a concious surrender

to life itself

in each moment

as I learned to allow life

to flow more freely,

lost my footing,

and found my way back

again and again.

Whatever It Was

Reflections May 12, 2017

At a certain point,

the only real

option was to hold

the space within —

to retreat

in surrender

to the quiet prayer

of my heart —

not knowing

how or if

it would affect

anything else.

But it was the only

real option left —

again and again.

The landing became


after a while.

And it didn’t seem

to matter so much

what met me

in that place.

Whatever it was

had to know

the sweetness

of that same