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The Release

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The next part was easy — at a certain point. Holding all of the pieces of my heart, there was just one more step, the release. I stopped trying so hard to fit the pieces together as a separate little me. And I reached for something higher. It was the sweetest kind of surrender.

Everything Else

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Life became gentler with every gentle shift inside. At times it was painfully subtle. Sometimes I would look back, and the contrast could be seen as vast . I stopped falling into smaller parts of me and began to hold them instead. I  tossed everything else to God — holding and letting go at once.


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Continuing On

At a certain point, letting go of everything became the only real option. There was a gentle surrender, a resetting of parts ready to work together in new ways — a release of the continuous dialogue of mind that would have held me back.

Without Doubt

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Letting Go

It became clear that everything most sacred had come out of a quiet prayer. I knew, without doubt, that every single real treasure in my life had come out of an ever deepening inner surrender — a sinking down and trusting in my own true essence a little more completely.

Whatever It Was

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At a certain point, the only real option was to hold the space within — to retreat in surrender to the quiet prayer of my heart — not knowing how or if it would affect anything else. But it was the only real option left — again and again. The landing became softer after a while. And it didn’t seem to matter so much what met me in that place. Whatever it was had to […]

The Surrender

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I learned the sweetness in not having answers. I learned to show up with my fear and let go of everything I thought I knew in each moment — trusting I would be met. Words came. Important pieces showed up. But it was the surrender to my own unique journey, my own higher Self, that I found most sweet.


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Letting Go

I searched and gathered and carried and tried and learned many things in hope of finding and sharing something that would make some kind of difference or bring some kind of relief. And I found the deepest kind of healing came in setting it all down — daring to show up empty.