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As a Prayer

A Gentler Path February 5, 2022

With one more last sliver of courage,

hoping for the best

and being willing to face whatever appeared,

I vowed to continue on —

settling in a little more deeply —

holding what was right there

in front of me,

as best I could —

embracing each new moment

as a prayer.


Unsorted November 28, 2018

All things were returned to their rightful place. Parts of self matured naturally with the unconditional presence held by those who had endured brokenness and the intimate process of putting the pieces back — having taken care to leave a tender space unfilled where it would have been easier to attempt to fill it up. What was once desperate attempts at survival became wisdom and loving self-restraint.

Into My Heart

Continuing On September 28, 2016

I found myself within

a beautiful motion

of holding

and letting go,

allowing attention

to land

where it pleased,

sometimes pausing —

always continuing —

unattached to labels

or the need to

connect all of the dots

too soon —

holding and honoring

all that crossed

my path

as this most natural

rhythm began to feel

more and more

like home —

letting go into

my own deepest heart.