Hidden Safely Within

Again and again, I chose to find my way back to the quiet spaces my mind once tried to escape. It was a gentle turning away from the constant inner chatter and outer struggles of mind — a sinking down into my heart — where mind, joined with heart, was able to reflect the silent prayer of a love hidden safely within.



There was a


of the story

on the surface,

a gentle resetting.

The default emotion

become one of


the very thing

my heart had

longed for

and called me to.

There was a more

natural connection

with all of life,

a gentle unfolding

of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

Silent pauses became

welcome parts

of the relaxation into

a gentler way

of being.

Courage to Become

Thank you

for all things

reflecting the sweetness

of the connection

with my own deepest


Thank you also

for all things

along this path

that have challenged me,

adding to the

tenderness of the journey

and lighting

a fire of courage

to become a little more


Thank you

for courage to set

these things



That Same Love

Life continued

to unfold.

There were difficult


But they were

always held

and honored in

the purest


It was seen

that all things

emerged from

and faded back into

that same



I found

it was possible

to follow

a gentler path.

Old patterns

were seen clearly

and had lost

their hold.

The pull

was toward

the peace

I held in my


And I was grateful

for each tiny step

toward its unfolding.

From There

I vowed to stand

within my heart

in all of my


In that moment,

I learned

the value in

the willingness

to allow myself

to feel my true


and to be led

gently from there.


There was

a settling back in

to what had been

carefully​ hidden.

The longing

to be some place

other than

that moment

was transformed into

a delicate embrace

and remembrance

of my own true


There was a knowing

that shifting

would continue

and that it would

have to come

out of this