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Straight Through

Continuing On November 24, 2020

I learned, out of necessity,

the skill of holding an intention

while letting go at the same time.

It was this delicate balance

of holding and letting go

that gave me the stamina

to do what felt absolutely impossible —

to love my way straight through

all that was painful

and turn it into the most tender



Softening June 27, 2018

It was the subtle release into a gentle flow that taught me how to soften. Relief came each time I found just enough courage to listen and to soften my own heart a little more.

It came in the quiet pauses just before words of comfort began to form and lingered sweetly — forever.


From A Quiet Prayer, Softening, What's Right Here August 2, 2017

There was a


of the story

on the surface,

a gentle resetting.

The default emotion

become one of


the very thing

my heart had

longed for

and called me to.

There was a more

natural connection

with all of life,

a gentle unfolding

of the quiet prayer

within my heart.

Silent pauses became

welcome parts

of the relaxation into

a gentler way

of being.