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Hidden Safely Within

Quieting February 13, 2018

Again and again, I chose to find my way back to the quiet spaces my mind once tried to escape. It was a gentle turning away from the constant inner chatter and outer struggles of mind — a sinking down into my heart — where mind, joined with heart, was able to reflect the silent prayer of a love hidden safely within.

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All That Is Soft

Prayer Cards February 5, 2018

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I hold this space in my heart, this once forgotten place, in honor of all that is soft and all that is mysterious and unloved — knowing that, in this place, nothing else is needed.

— Thank you to Michelle and  http://www.antiqueimages.blogspot.com

A State of Prayer

Unfolding December 29, 2017

There were times when I sensed listening for inner resonance and trusting the quiet whisper of truth in each moment had become a little more important. I had learned the importance of stopping to listen to life and gained a respect for its mystery, but it was during these times when I was called more deeply within that I began to notice just how much I could soften my experience in the world and be in a state of listening prayer in any moment.

No Matter What

Quieting March 13, 2017

I found

that no matter what,

I was a flexible,


evolving being.

I could let go

of thoughts

and stories,

while honoring

all that had

brought me to each

new moment.

No matter what,

I was connected

with the part of me

that was

most whole.

No matter what,

I could easily follow

my attention

until my most natural

position was

within the quiet prayer

of my heart.

Waiting for Words

Waiting for Words February 6, 2017

I learned to listen

with my heart —

navigating my way

gently through

all that had been

too much.

I found I could

back up a little

when part of me

needed picking up.

I found relief

in letting go

of everything,


in my heart

and waiting for

words to form

as a prayer —

reaching deep down

to where I couldn’t

reach before —

always just enough.

As It Was

Unsorted February 4, 2017

Healing became

less of something

to figure out

after a while.

It began to feel

more like a sacred


as I began to place

my focus

more and more

in my heart.

Instead of trying

so hard to create,

I began to notice

the natural way

I was pulled to

notice life

around me

and inside.

I found myself

holding and letting go

of all that crossed

my path —

as the two became one

delicate movement.

Quiet prayers

were whispered

and symptoms disappeared.

But by that time,

it didn’t really

matter so much

exactly what happened

on the surface

because there was

something tender

in meeting life

exactly as it was.

Something Real

Quieting January 13, 2017

It happened subtly

at first.

Thoughts and ideas

and all those many

images and words

about how

we should be

and how

things had been

began to fade —

just enough

to let in

something unexpected —

an original thought,

a genuine expression,

a little breathing space —

a tender interaction

almost missed —

the serenity we felt

as we didn’t grasp.

Maybe it was us

who dared to

turn away

in search of

something real.

Gently Guided

Unsorted January 5, 2017

I found safety

in the natural way

I began to explore

myself and the world

around me.

I began to use thought

as a kind of safety net,

an intimate way

of staying grounded

and allowing myself

to be gently guided —

returning safely

again and again

to this quiet space

where I first waited

for my heart to speak

in a way I could



Prayers December 28, 2016

Hold us

a little tighter

when we can’t

find our steps —

for we can’t see

the whole picture,

and it’s easy to be

frightened of the

in-between times

from here.

Help us to honor

all that has felt

dishonored in our

own hearts —

that we might

honor all things

more deeply.


A Quieter View

Quieting December 15, 2016

I began to listen

a little more deeply —

turning down the volume

of thoughts and stories —

focusing more and more

in my heart.

I found the contrast

shocking, really.

There was a tender

kind of sadness

as a quieter view

came more into focus

and what was most real

and true

began to show through

all the clutter.

And I vowed

that however great

the contrast became,

this time —

I wouldn’t let go

of this.