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Without a Doubt

A Gentler Path February 17, 2022

The delicate process of holding on,

letting go, and reaching without grasping

led to a gentler path.

There I learned the value of

tenderness and became willing to

set down many things in exchange for

a deeper connection with life.

I knew without a doubt that

whatever appeared would eventually lead

back to a tender place in my own heart.

And so I became willing to bear the ache

of leftover traces of unhealed and

unresolved experiences —

willing to be in this place where there are

no guarantees —

willing to show up in each moment

with a quiet prayer and renewed reverence

for the sacred journey,

however it unfolded.


From A Quiet Prayer, Unsorted July 6, 2020

I learned there is nothing

comparable to the strength

of the human spirit

when aligned with its creator

and wililling, win or lose,

to protect all that is innocent,

sacred and true.

I learned there is no greater joy

or frightening responsibility

than the vow to preserve

something sacred,

no matter what —

or to hold and  honor what had

once been threatened,

knowing nothing could ever

divide what is and has always been

forever, divinely

connected and united.


Unsorted January 28, 2017

And so I stood

as the shattered pieces

of a self finding

its own heart.

There was a


in the midst

of the chaos

as it began

to sense

the different way

truth was felt


the way it

flowed out

of all of its pieces —

the way it led


into the place of


how it was moved

by the natural beauty

and delicate balance

of the very ground

of its own being —

where it was humbled

and without words

for a moment–


not to impose.