Straight Through

It doesn’t matter

how many challenges

we are faced with.

It doesn’t matter

if I don’t know

how or when

the pain will lift

or what will show up

that will soften

your heart

and mine

I only know

that it will —

because I have been

to the place

of in-between.

And I have walked

straight through.

11 thoughts on “Straight Through”

    1. I share a little on my about/my journey page. I have been writing these little poems ever since I began to heal from anorexia. I feel different experiences in my life and instead of trying to make sense of each one, I write these poems after clearing my mind. It helps me to stay connected with the world and my heart. Others seem to find comfort in them as well because I drop the story details. I started doing this because no one could help me heal and it was expensive when I did find help. And writing worked so well (the illness never came back) — I kept going. Hope that helps a little. I don’t mind sharing more. 💙

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      1. People are interested in the story. I honor the story too. There are just a lot of stories about getting thin and fighting to get better. I wanted to share a little gentler story because healing feels sacred and gentle to me.

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    2. Straight through in-between means all things naturally shift into something else. I kind of just allow the words to flow out. Then later I can say what it means or it just calms my heart. Sometimes just one word or phrase calms my mind and I don’t try to figure out the whole poem.

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