Courage to Soften

I learned to listen

to life,

not as a distant,

separate being,

but as a gentle


of messages to

deeper parts of


I loved

the tender way

the messages softened

as I found courage

to soften

my own heart

a little more.



This pain

you feel

is not separate

from the pain of

the world.

But it does not

define who or what

or where you are.

You must keep


Don’t look only

for relief

or some explanation

or label

to describe

what is on the surface.

Don’t look

to the world

for this.

You may find

these kinds

of answers.

But they will be

surface answers.

Look deeper.

Keep searching

until your heart

begins to speak


Always listen

to your heart,

even if it seems

so subtle that you

have to strain

just to feel some kind

of faint whisper.

It will

become louder.

May it lead you