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From a State of Prayer

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There was pain in returning to wholeness. It was painful to reach back to parts of myself stuck in the past. And it was painful to begin to feel the pain of others as my own pain. But there was no turning back. There was a tenderness in tapping into truth that I was unwilling to let go of again. And so I continued to meet each unfolding moment from a state of prayer — […]


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Continuing On / Softening

During times of great shifting, when emotions were intense and bodies and minds tired most easily with each added thought and moment of learning, I found it was possible to return my focus to the stillness within and count every single piece of wisdom gained as valuable — while being willing to hold it lightly — remaining unafraid to release all into the creative space I learned to embrace again and again, each time a […]

Forever Connected

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There was comfort in knowing I was deeply connected with my heart. Things that once caused me to feel lost now reinforced the feeling of inner connectedness. Life around me began to reflect a deeper kind of peace. But it was the feeling of being forever connected within that gently carried me as I continued on. Advertisements


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This pain you feel is not separate from the pain of the world. But it does not define who or what or where you are. You must keep searching. Don’t look only for relief or some explanation or label to describe what is on the surface. Don’t look to the world for this. You may find these kinds of answers. But they will be surface answers. Look deeper. Keep searching until your heart begins to […]

Gently Guided

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I found life wasn’t quite as black and white as I had thought. I found love wasn’t about covering up or fixing. Somehow, peace wasn’t some distant goal to be achieved, and the most loving thing often meant allowing myself and others to be gently guided through the tender places that remained unhealed. Advertisements

As a Quiet Prayer

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From A Quiet Prayer

I found a little magic in the way I began to honor and allow feelings to pass through me, no longer meeting them as the tightly held together sense of self with a neatly packaged story as before, but as the one who was free to explore and meet life as it appeared in each moment — as a quiet prayer. Advertisements

Just As We Are

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I think we have hearts because it was seen that we might need a safe place to go when thoughts and life became too much to sort through alone. And so we hold this heart space for each other — where there is always calm, where we are always okay, always held — just as we are. Advertisements

This Natural Rhythm

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I found there is a natural rhythm of life, one we lose touch with when we find ourselves living in our thoughts or trying to create just the right circumstances or feeling state — trying to figure out or find something to make this life more predictable so that it all makes some kind of sense. But I found the deepest kind of peace in returning to this most natural rhythm of life. And so […]