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Straight Through

Continuing On October 9, 2016

It doesn’t matter

how many challenges

we are faced with.

It doesn’t matter

if I don’t know

how or when

the pain will lift

or what will show up

that will soften

your heart

and mine

I only know

that it will —

because I have been

to the place

of in-between.

And I have walked

straight through.

This Listening

Quieting October 7, 2016

Writing calms me

like medicine.

It quiets me.

I don’t try to understand

with my mind.

I just let it flow out

and sink in

to my heart.

Sometimes one word

shows up in a piece

and reaches where I couldn’t

reach in other ways.

Maybe it is that

I have to become

so still inside

to listen

with my whole being.

Maybe it is this listening

that calms the little parts

of me so profoundly.

— Laurie, Heart Space

In the Stillness of My Heart

Reflections September 21, 2016

In the stillness of my heart, there is a place I have longed for that I don’t want to fill up with anything. I had to get really quiet to find it. I had to let go of the chaos around me and inside and find the courage to stop in the midst of all of it. It is here that I place my attention in the now. Where there was once chaos and disconnect, there is quietude and repose. There is a natural flow that comes from gently reconnecting with what’s right here.

— Laurie,  Heart Space