All That Seems Unreachable

Prayers January 30, 2016

I honor the places

in me

and in all of us

that can’t be spoken,

all the attempts

at healing

that turned into

more pain to sort —

all that seems


And I honor the courage

it takes now

to gather up

all of our unhealed wounds

with a purer love

and continue on

from here.


This is a special little prayer. I typed it several times on my phone and it was lost. I went in for my laptop with these words still in my heart, typed them again, and had to retype again. I sat in my car because the world felt so loud.

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  1. MichelleMarie says on January 30, 2016

    I am a follow car sitter 😄 I love this. That no words part is a beautiful prayer offering of love. With open hands to the sky. I see that in my mind’s eye. 💟💕

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