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Never Again

Reflections November 28, 2016

AlI I had struggled with

for so long

on the surface

appeared much different

from the center

of my heart.

All of my

wounded places

were seen through

as parts of a whole

to be honored.

And that 3D reality

I had struggled with

began to,

ever so subtly  —


from the deep

compassion there

in the holding

of each fractured piece

of my own heart

from within.

And I vowed to

never again let go

of this place,

no matter what

appeared on the surface.

Manipulating the surface

seemed a little silly

after that.

Before the Noise

Quieting September 22, 2016

I began to listen

to life —

to show up

and listen

to what was around me,

perhaps as our ancestors

once listened —

before all the noise.

And so I began

to listen

a little more deeply —

not analyzing each sound,

but waiting for the music

to continue,

noticing my own part

within in it

and outside of it.

And I couldn’t imagine

it being any other way.