Hidden Safely Within

Again and again, I chose to find my way back to the quiet spaces my mind once tried to escape. It was a gentle turning away from the constant inner chatter and outer struggles of mind — a sinking down into my heart — where mind, joined with heart, was able to reflect the silent prayer of a love hidden safely within.


Whatever Remained

One day I realized the peace I felt had come out of the quiet moments, the insights that came that couldn’t be shared or explained. It had come out of whatever remained of the grief of being within a separate self and the grace of having found my way back to my whole heart.

It was the non-verbal kind of feeling my way through life that had saved me. It was the wisdom beyond stories and questions and answers I found in the silent spaces within that nothing else could reach.

It came out of the willingness to wait forever for words to form and outer forms to match the love I knew in my heart.

All That Was Tender

After a while I learned to be in my heart and in the world. I learned to extract all that was beautiful and all that was tender from each experience. I learned to stand with the part of me that was most healed and let go — holding the door of my heart for all that was not quite beautiful — daring to continue on with love.

With Love

Thank you for courage

to follow where my heart

would lead

and for resolve

to stand firmly

through challenges within

the creative flow

when it would be easier

to take a different path.

Bless all who dare

to continue to create

with love

and those who have not

yet begun.


In a Time of Uncertainty

There was peace within the complete surrender to my own offering in a time of uncertainty. It was understood that there were no guarantees of particular outcomes, but I had found those to be precisely the times when the purest love shines most brightly.

What mattered most was my resolve to show up and offer the highest thought I could in each experience. Every single negative experience was met with the intention to allow it to become something beautiful, not by trying too hard to analyze, but because of the resolve that grew organically out of necessity to transform darkness into light within and wherever it touched me — whatever the outcome.

From Within

I learned the value

in aligning

with my own


Old patterns

fell away as

I continued to love

all of the many

different parts of


The goal in each

new moment became

accepting and

integrating parts of

the whole,

allowing love

to flow more freely

from within.

That Same Love

Life continued

to unfold.

There were difficult


But they were

always held

and honored in

the purest


It was seen

that all things

emerged from

and faded back into

that same


The Longing

The longing

to know the deepest

kind of peace

led to questions

and surrenders.

It led to an expanded

view of life

and pain

and love.

It led to my own

deepest heart

and to the quiet prayer

that reached back —


and honored at last

as my own true