Where We Are the Same

I learned to be

in the world

as both human

and healer,

letting go a little more

of the need for labels

and tightly held concepts,

no longer needing

the outer world

to understand

or validate

what I had found

through focusing

within my heart —

never losing the natural essence

of my own unique expression

or the place where we are

the same.

In honor of the sacred journey back to our true essence. 

A note about Laurie’s Notes:

Laurie’s Notes are the medicinal notes I stumbled on after a long struggle with anorexia and Depression, trauma,…. all a distant memory now. And so I continue to write and share with you. I promise I don’t sit around and meditate all day or appear super calm on the surface. I am usually chasing my little daughter and puppy and holding my tongue with my husband (or stomping my feet ♡). I’m almost 44. I had anorexia from 14 until almost 40. What is different is I found a place of peace that is always with me and was all along. I just felt disconnected from it. And so I share my notes from this place — holding this space. I love sharing more, but like to do that more one on one. I love notes and email.  I’m happy to  support your journey.
With gratitude and love,

9 thoughts on “Where We Are the Same”

  1. I love this one Laurie, that about labels really resonates with me. Sometimes labels, even if they are “good” ones, like smart, kind, selfless, angelic, can become a prison of expectations. People expect you to be a certain way and when you are not they get disappointed. It is sometimes hard. It has happened to me a lot, so now I am always eager to show all of myself right away to avoid those labels. But sometimes people find that to be a bit too much. 😊😊. Never mind, we are who we are! And for most of us, that is a bit of everything 💖

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    1. That would be fun. ♡ in the meantime, just wanted to open myself a little. I stick mostly to these little notes and I was afraid I might feel a bit distant.I’m in this messy life stuff at the same time like we all are. It helps me to focus on my clear heart notes. But I acknowledge the messy journey happening at the same time. ♡ We’ll see how it evolves. I like your idea. Love ♡ Laurie

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