Honoring Your Journey and Mine

Continuing On April 5, 2016

When life got noisy,

I learned to turn around

and focus

on the clear space


honoring your journey

and mine,

as we continued

as both wholeness

and unfolding healing

and grace.

Note: I have been writing from the point of view of my higher/healer self reflecting on the present. My words flow easy from this place. They can also be applied to my past journey and future moments. Sometimes there is one word or phrase I pull out. It often is helpful a little later or gives my mind something to focus on, kind of like a mantra. Others have found the same — so I continue to share. This way of writing has been my “medicine” for a while now. New insights and a natural flow of action steps seem to flow from this place as well, in a way that doesn’t feel like “too much.”
Love to you — Laurie

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