Sacred Space

I began to let the words

find their own way

out of my experiences

and out of my heart,

though the empty space

I was left holding,

having tossed everything

back to wherever it came.

I became willing to

stand in that uncomfortable

place of in-between,

letting the pieces

come together

as they always did —

allowing life

to both lead and follow —

showing up empty

of me —

holding sacred space

for all of us.

Sacred Holding

I hold what is here

like a silent prayer,

a quiet acknowledgement —

a reverence.

It isn’t something

I learned.

It is trusting

my inner healer,

my own inner knowing —

an innate understanding.

This holding reaches

deep into my being —

touching a place

that couldn’t be reached

in other ways.

— Laurie, Heart Space


Also In My Heart

I found I could exist

in the world

and also in my heart —

participating fully

in daily life

without the need

or desire

to stay in

constant dialogue

about the story

on the surface —

choosing instead

to play a little

higher card,

to put these things

aside for a moment —

honoring and holding

a little space

for a deeper story

to be known.