A Deeper Story

I began to sense

a deeper story

than what could be known

on the surface.

And I found I had

a deep respect

for all of the pieces

I couldn’t quite

fit together

and for life itself

that I wouldn’t trade

to have walked

an easier path.

10 thoughts on “A Deeper Story”

    1. Yes. It’s quite amazing really. I struggled for a long time with this. But now I look at the peace I know, no matter what is happening in my life. It’s a little tender because the surface story of my life has been challenging… and yet I know this peace and depth that many don’t know… even if on the surface it is still challenging. ❤

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      1. It’s an interesting journey. ❤ It feels like it is far away.. but really it's not so far at all. I know we hear that, but it is really true. The part of me that believed it was so far… that was kind of my thinking mind getting in the way. That's why I write these little poems.. to try to give a sense of the core that is who we really are. ❤ I hope that makes a bit of sense.

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  1. The deeper story…this is so beautiful and all those little pieces that don’t fit together I think maybe we will find that in the not fitting together they actually fit. Sort of! ❤ AWE

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