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In This Moment and the Next

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Sometimes prayers become wordless — when there are a million words in the heart, but not one to match the rawness of emotion felt. And so I offer my deepest silent prayer to the place of peace in us all in this moment and the next. And I honor our steps as we find our way. — Laurie, What Now Advertisements


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I found life wasn’t as black and white as I had once thought. I found I was made up of many parts. And so was everyone else. I found that not only was I not any one part, my parts contained their own potentials. There were pieces of denial to be released. There were parts I judged and pushed against and later embraced. And there was the day I realized I was more than the […]

When There Seemed to be None

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I found life to be more complex than the old boxed-in thought that had made sense for a while. It wasn’t about being on the right team or choosing one clear path over another. It was about becoming honest with myself and seeing parts of me in others, even the most difficult to face or heal. It was about refusing to stay stuck in old patterns and daring to find creative solutions when there seemed […]


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At a certain point there were no preformed words — only the deepening sense of surrender to the unfolding of life without holding back — this flowing love embracing more of itself, naturally — until it wasn’t clear exactly where holding and letting go had become one.

All of It

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I gathered all parts of me, even those most difficult to hold. And I held all of me — all of them. It didn’t matter how long it took or that there was, in fact, no guarantee that my holding would make any difference at all. And I honored all that had led me to that point — all of it — because I had made it to my deepest heart. And I set it […]


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I honor each heart that has shown up to find its own true voice at a time when so much is being transformed. I honor the sacred journey each one must travel alone in order to come together in a new way. I honor those who hold a space for me to sort through all that is in need of sorting. I honor this journey in my own heart. And I hold this space for […]

My Own True Voice

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Waiting for Words

I began to listen with my heart to words reflecting my own inner knowing. There was a calling forth and allowing of my own true voice to flow out though my own unique experiences and join with others in such a way as to form a symphony of clear sound and the accompanying pauses. I began to see my own small part and those around me as connected and important — leading us safely through […]