What Else?

I honor each part

of me

and of you

that dared

to find the way

back to our hearts.

Having been led

by a whisper

of a love

from which we felt


we began

and we continued on.

We spoke gently because

the delicate nature

of healing hearts

was sensed.

We found strength

in the authentic


with each other

and in our ability

to trust

in our highest calling

and deepest truth

when there was

no guarantee of

how this life

would unfold.

We were healers.

What else could

we do?

11 thoughts on “What Else?”

  1. Oh yes we are. Anything less would be less than what you so bravely faced. So thankful you did because this journey with you has and is life changing. You changed my life and enriched it with more gentleness, my heart and soul craved and I didn’t even know it. So thankful thank you thank you thank you πŸ’œSo thankful for you and to you πŸ’œ

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