When I have let go

of so much,

when my body is tired

and my spirit is too,

when I can’t see

a break in the story,

remind me of the calm

just beneath the surface,

the slightest change

of positioning,

and that little bit

of backing up

so that I may

retrace my steps

to even greater reprieve.


16 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. Yes, I needed this reminder today. I had a discussion with someone who thought Women’s Rights is not something we need to pay attention to nowadays. I got so so sooo upset, but I know I can’t change him and I have to just let it go….

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  2. 💛 What strange times these are. I really don’t know what I would do without having done the inner looking. I’m amazed at how it seems we humans just keep going as if big leaps in our evolution aren’t needed. I learned quickly that my quiet voice/ poetry can most often be heard louder than screaming (even though I often feel like screaming.. and sometimes do. 💙💛)

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