Hidden Safely Beyond

It was comforting

to find

that somewhere

hidden safely beyond

whatever appeared

was something

a little purer.

It just took a moment

to adjust

to being without

so many added

layers of thought.



Let our minds

be quieted,

just enough —

that we may hear

and follow

the quiet prayer

of our hearts.


Out of Nothingness

I return to the purity

of this place,

this strange stillness

where thoughts form

out of nothingness

in answer to questions

yet to be asked,

in response to

longings not yet felt —

where all roads lead

right back


Beyond Words

There was sadness

beyond words

in seeing the world

from a little deeper


And there was a

tender space,

a whisper of hope

that could only have come

from the deepest kind

of love,

from my own

deepest heart —

the only thing

that could have held

all of it.

Only This Place

It was a delicate thing

to hold

all the pieces

of my own shattered

heart —

setting down everyting

I had gathered

again and again —

listening deeply

without knowing

exactly how –

pulling my very

sense of self

back —

waiting for words

to form

only from this place —

speaking only

to this place —

where there was


and the courage

to continue on.

Gently Guided

I found safety

in the natural way

I began to explore

myself and the world

around me.

I began to use thought

as a kind of safety net,

an intimate way

of staying grounded

and allowing myself

to be gently guided —

returning safely

again and again

to this quiet space

where I first waited

for my heart to speak

in a way I could