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This Silent Holding Prayer

Holding December 11, 2016

I found this

silent holding

prayer began to

reach far —

through the

wounded places —

into the tender,

most creative

magical spaces

in my heart

that couldn’t be

reached in other ways —

the ones that

carried on

so gently

through any kind

of storm.


From A Quiet Prayer October 14, 2016

Because I had grown tired

of all the trying

so hard

to find my way

back to my own heart,

I found peace

in the simplicity

of the surrender

and natural movement

that happened

in reconnecting with

and being

the quiet prayer

that had guided me

ever so gently

back to itself.

A Little at a Time

Continuing On, Unsorted October 6, 2016

It became increasingly helpful

to meet life

from a gentler place.

And so I held

my ground within

my heart —

remembering how

I had so delicately

held and let go

of all that crossed

my path

as I found my way

to this position —

letting go of all

I couldn’t sort out

all at once —

noticing as

pieces came together —

a little at a time —

naturally —

without my


and doing.

And with this same

natural motion,

I continued on.

A Gentler Way

Reflections September 13, 2016

The time came

to find a gentler way,

to turn back

from the path of mind —

retracing my steps

just a little.

At first it felt

a bit lonely,

as there seemed to be

fewer taking this turn.

And I admit I missed

the crowds at times

and the paved roads

and maps.

But as I walked this

strangely familiar path

unfolding in front of me,

I began to remember

what it felt like

to walk on the earth,

to be free to notice

and allow my attention

to fall where it liked,

to experience the world

around me

and inside of me

without a constant

narrating mind.

And sure enough,

just as I had guessed,

I was okay

in this place —

where everything was

as it had been —

feelings and sensations

and challenges

and thoughts.

But without the narrator,

without the constant story,

they had taken on a

lighter feel,

softened somehow —

along this path

of the heart.