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The more I began to focus on what was appearing right in front of me, the more I felt the presence of my own wholeness. There was a holding and letting go of what appeared on the surface and a sense of connection I knew couldn’t be lost. Advertisements

Without Doubt

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For a dear friend who asked me what I learned after a long recovery from anorexia and for all of us —   I found that, without a doubt, who I am is more than this human body and mind. I know this, not because I studied with enlightened beings, even though I did. I know this because I lived it. That is the power and tender treasure in this human journey, especially those that […]

No Matter What

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There was a sense of connection that couldn’t come out of finally being fully understood on the surface. It didn’t come out of finally finding all the answers to endless questions. It didn’t even really come out of anything I had gathered in my attempts to find it. This sense of connection came out of the whole journey — through the pain of rejection and the willingness to walk through the unknown in search of […]

In Exchange for Beauty

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Continuing On

My deepest posture became one of reverence. I found my deepest self could endure much shaking on the surface. It could honor all parts of the whole, without clinging to a set of ideas I had thought myself to be for a while. It was no longer about winning. It was about finding a way through a natural process, where I had the chance to participate in my own evolution — reaching for a hand […]

One True Thing

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From A Quiet Prayer

It was the subtle, wordless connection with a deeper me, that one true thing I was unwilling to risk losing that pulled me ever so sweetly back into my deepest heart and straight through whatever appeared — honoring and transforming — shifting all things with the slightest glimpse of one untainted thought.

Silent Spaces

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On the journey into my heart, there were words that couldn’t be written or shared. With each one came a little more letting go and the understanding that it was, in fact, in the silent spaces, held and known in my own heart alone, that I found the deepest connection, meaning, and desire to continue on. I found comfort in knowing that the words I did write would always find their way back to the […]