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It was the subtle release into a gentle flow that taught me how to soften. Relief came each time I found just enough courage to listen and to soften my own heart a little more. It came in the quiet pauses just before words of comfort began to form and lingered sweetly — forever. Advertisements

From There

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As I looked back on the long journey, the thought came that if I had to choose a place to start again, I would go back to the first time I was moved to trust my own heart — when there was nothing left to try except to drop everything and find out what was left. I would start again from there. — Laurie, What Now

Wordless Prayer

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I began to notice small moments of natural tenderness and a faint whisper of a wordless prayer in my heart. It was the opposite of the struggle to push away pain and impossible to ignore because I had known such huge contrast. After a while, it was most natural to remain open to experiences and the slightest sign or hint of the beginnings of tenderness.  

Following a Prayer

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There was a willingness to show up in each new moment — letting go a little more of the continuous narration of mind — a deeper surrender into the silent space of What Now?  It took a bit of adjusting to the inner quiet — a retuning to more subtle thoughts and experiences. What Now wasn’t bound to old storylines. It was a place of possibilities and seeing from a higher view — where I […]

In the Silent Space

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The more I listened to life, the more I noticed the part of me that could hold and let go of any experience. There was a softening each time I stood a little more firmly in my heart and dared to linger in the silent space. Words formed out of this place soothed and echoed in places that had seemed unhealable.  And there was tenderness where there had been only pain.


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From A Quiet Prayer / Softening / What's Right Here

There was a softening of the story on the surface, a gentle resetting. The default emotion become one of peace, the very thing my heart had longed for and called me to. There was a more natural connection with all of life, a gentle unfolding of the quiet prayer within my heart. Silent pauses became welcome parts of the relaxation into a gentler way of being.

Without Doubt

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For a dear friend who asked me what I learned after a long recovery from anorexia and for all of us —   I found that, without a doubt, who I am is more than this human body and mind. I know this, not because I studied with enlightened beings, even though I did. I know this because I lived it. That is the power and tender treasure in this human journey, especially those that […]