Stillness Within

I found it was

possible to walk through

whatever appeared

on the surface of life.

I found comfort

in my ability

to hold and honor

my own experience,

meeting the outer world

with renewed compassion —


it was safe

to remain connected

with the natural

stillness within

when the contrast

seemed most vast.

14 thoughts on “Stillness Within”

    1. I visited your blog. I love what you said about not sharing photos of skinny bodies or the smiling recovered weight ones. You are right. It’s the in-between places where real healing takes place. I lived it. I am now 44 and have a healthy little 8 year old daughter.. I don’t struggle anymore with my mind. And I don’t fear relapse.
      If you ever get stuck or just need,an ear, I’mean happy to share. ♡ Laurie

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    2. I found this quote. It seems to fit here.
      “The world is made of duality. Whatever you are presently experiencing, the potential for its opposite to arise is equally there. Neither is you. ”
      – Michael Jeffreys

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