Hidden Somewhere In-between

Let our hearts

be open.

Let our wounded places

be held —

reminding us

of our true nature,

helping us to continue on

when we feel like

giving up —

guiding us safely back

to the subtle,

wordless beauty

hidden somewhere

in-between theΒ letting go

and rising above.


17 thoughts on “Hidden Somewhere In-between”

  1. I needed this. Thank you for writing exactly what I needed to hear. I’m going to read this one several times. It comes from such a beautiful, tender place of sweet self-knowing. And I like how it comes from an authentic place of having actually experienced being wounded and learning how to hold those wounds with compassion and trust. ❀

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    1. Yes. There are no words for that kind of holding really.
      It’s a tender thing. That’s how I found this part of me that does this holding, honoring and letting go naturally. I didn’t have to train myself to do it.. I found this tender natural space. πŸ’›

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      1. I’m wanting to learn more about how to do this gentle kind of holding. It seems I am often struggling against the pain instead of turning toward it and listening to its message. It takes great courage and strength to hold oneself so tenderly and to trust so completely.

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      2. Awe, Lorien. Your words are in my little prayer book Heart Space! That’s a tender place to start. I would like to send that book to you. I would like to do that. Just email me where to send it. πŸ’›
        lauriesnotes at Yahoo

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