Hidden Somewhere In-between

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Continuing On

Let our hearts

be open.

Let our wounded places

be held —

reminding us

of our true nature,

helping us to continue on

when we feel like

giving up —

guiding us safely back

to the subtle,

wordless beauty

hidden somewhere

in-between theΒ letting go

and rising above.


The Author

Quiet Reflections and Prayers


  1. I needed this. Thank you for writing exactly what I needed to hear. I’m going to read this one several times. It comes from such a beautiful, tender place of sweet self-knowing. And I like how it comes from an authentic place of having actually experienced being wounded and learning how to hold those wounds with compassion and trust. ❀

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    • Yes. There are no words for that kind of holding really.
      It’s a tender thing. That’s how I found this part of me that does this holding, honoring and letting go naturally. I didn’t have to train myself to do it.. I found this tender natural space. πŸ’›

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