Silent Reverence

I began to have

a different relationship

with my experiences.

They had become

precious pieces

within a deeper flow,

a way to listen

to life

that led most gently

back to the silent


within my own

untamed heart.

11 thoughts on “Silent Reverence”

      1. Yes, my dear friend! β€œBeauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are the eternity and you are the mirror.” Anyone who loves this quote by Kahlil Gibran, will cherish this video you shared. Thank you!

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      2. I always move these pieces down in comments…to keep with my own flow of my own words. I love finding truth. That’s what I like about writing. It keeps me experiencing and being in my life… and leads back to the silence again and again. I love his words at the end…drinking that cup.πŸ’™

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      3. They do belong down here as complementary pieces, our dearest Laurie, because it is indeed your own words that contain all your truth and allow us all to feel our shared essence and embrace in this replenishing sacred silence 💜

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    1. I love watching him walk on the sand. And all the processes he uses to make tea and also fire. This reminded me of my Pa. he used to love to build fires and then stare at them for hours. Really beautiful when I think it. I love your poem and this video. Beautiful way to start my day. I love you! ❀

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