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Silent Reverence

Unsorted January 16, 2017

I began to have

a different relationship

with my experiences.

They had become

precious pieces

within a deeper flow,

a way to listen

to life

that led most gently

back to the silent


within my own

untamed heart.

Pure Reverence

From A Quiet Prayer October 1, 2016

It’s a funny thing,

this love that we are.

Underneath the stories

and details that seem

to fill

every bit of it,

if we look

and listen

just a little

deeper down,

what we take

as facts,

black and white,

this or that,

who we truly are

and what we truly desire,

softens a little

into pure reverence

for what is

and what is becoming.

Sacred Hope

Unsorted September 8, 2016

And so I vow

to live

in a new way,

fully present and grounded,

unafraid to be right here

among all that is

messy and unclear

and uncomfortable,

in surrender

to all that is most healed

in me,

holding space for more healing

and sacred hope

for the transformation

of all that seems unhealable

and unsolvable,

in reverence

of my own experience

and yours.

— from earlier notes