It was difficult to hold

many things.

It was difficult to comprehend

that the world wasn’t

how it appeared on the surface.

I had known that at an early age

and had continued on.

It was disheartening to know

and be unable to be heard —

as so many times before.

Yet I remained thankful for strength

to hold it all anyway —

and to remain connected

to God and to my heart

this time

and to welcome new friends

and new experiences

as I learned to notice

and nurture the smallest

bit of hope and pure joy


Along the Way

Life became

more of a natural,

organic process.

Figuring every step

and knowing

exactly how

to do it

was replaced with

quiet joy picked up


in the exploration,

the delicate

innate ability to

trade in confusion

for a search for


and the magic

of unexpected treasures

found along the way.