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This Time With My Heart

Reflections December 1, 2017

For a while it seemed

the magic had been

forever lost.

But it was

there within

the subtle way

I learned to

start again

and listen a little more

intently —

this time with my



Along the Way

What's Right Here December 22, 2016

Life became

more of a natural,

organic process.

Figuring every step

and knowing

exactly how

to do it

was replaced with

quiet joy picked up


in the exploration,

the delicate

innate ability to

trade in confusion

for a search for


and the magic

of unexpected treasures

found along the way.

The Real Magic

Reflections January 2, 2016

To my surprise,

the real magic of life

didn’t come

in neatly wrapped packages

or at the end a long path.

It came in the last bit

of courage to hold on

a little longer

and to take

just one more step —

not knowing where

it would lead.

It came in the quiet,

tender moments

I couldn’t have planned

and couldn’t imagine

having missed.