Every Single Time

There came a time

when it didn’t matter

how many lies were spoken

or if they were repeated

by every single person around me.

My love of truth had grown so great

and my determination to

move in the direction of truth

and to never again be disconnected

from my own true Self had become

just what I do.

I had learned to respond to my own

inner reality and to create

from there.

Of course the darkness was

difficult to walk through.

And I admit I wasn’t always graceful.

But I reminded myself in the darkest

of times that without fail, every single time

I faced the path ahead and walked it

all the way,

all I remembered was the incredible light

and magic I had experienced.

The Real Magic

To my surprise,

the real magic of life

didn’t come

in neatly wrapped packages

or at the end a long path.

It cameĀ in the last bit

of courage to hold on

a little longer

and to take

just one more step —

not knowing where

it would lead.

It came in the quiet,

tender moments

I couldn’t have planned

andĀ couldn’t imagine

having missed.