Where Nothing Is Too Much

Sometimes the story

on the surface

was too much.

And so I found

I could toss it up

and trust the pieces

to come back down

a little more gently.

And I was thankful

for the quiet

wordless messages

from my heart

that took its place.

I didn’t wish them

to be less subtle anymore

because I knew they came

from that pure place

where nothing is too much.

6 thoughts on “Where Nothing Is Too Much”

    1. Awe. Thanks, Vonita. I had a rough day. But I just said I know I am okay no matter how crazy it gets on the surface. It allows me to be totally present…and not stuck or afraid it will take me out. Much love 💕

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  1. Oh I love this. Like trust I. The middle of chaos that everything will be okay. I love this. We have both had a little too much lately. Amazing how underneath it all turned out okay. I’m thankful for you! 💕💗💜

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