Silent Spaces

And so I learned to reach a little further into my own heart. I learned to reach for a little hidden magic and a quiet prayer to hold for as long as it took — until the softness I felt there began to spill over.

I learned to reach for healing words reflecting silent spaces in hearts that knew the sacredness of the journey back whenever old wounds showed up again.

I learned to soften my path a little more with each step as I continued on.


A Wider View

A little at a time,

I learned

to trust in

the natural flow

of life.

I learned to

wait a little longer

to form judgements

and interpretations.

I learned to

not wait so long

to reach

for the part

of me

that could see

a wider view

and offer just enough

in each moment.

Courage to Become

Thank you

for all things

reflecting the sweetness

of the connection

with my own deepest


Thank you also

for all things

along this path

that have challenged me,

adding to the

tenderness of the journey

and lighting

a fire of courage

to become a little more


Thank you

for courage to set

these things




I found

it was possible

to keep my focus

on the deepening

connection with my

inner knowing

that guided me.

Things and people

showed up

as support

and confirmation

of my own inner


There was


in no longer needing

to become more

tangled up

in past traumas,

future uncertainties,

or present


Carefully Hidden

I found my way

to the gentle healer


the part

that had included

and transformed

other parts

of me.

And I found

the deepest kind

of relief

and calm

as she reached

for the parts

that had been carefully



I always returned

to the tenderness

I first knew

to follow.

There were doubts

and questions

and moments where

the path seemed

less clear.

But it always led

me safely back

to the tenderness

within my


Hidden Within

There was

a delicate tenderness

in the ability

and willingness

to look beyond

the surface of all

things —

to stand firmly

in my heart

in all instances —

to refuse to miss

treasures hidden

within —

to renew my vow

with each step —

to always find

the path of my