A Wider View

A little at a time,

I learned

to trust in

the natural flow

of life.

I learned to

wait a little longer

to form judgements

and interpretations.

I learned to

not wait so long

to reach

for the part

of me

that could see

a wider view

and offer just enough

in each moment.

Continuing On

Moment of Truth

At a certain point,

I found

that projecting myself

any further into

the future

than that very moment

was not something

I could afford to do

any longer.

And so I prepared

as best I could

for the unknown.

And as I had done


in a moment

of absolute truth,

I vowed to show up

in that moment

and the next

and trust

that my willingness

to risk

would be met.

And I knew

I would never

leave the prayer

that began

in that moment

of truth.