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The Quiet Prayer That Carried Me

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There were times when the stories around me were complex. I knew the only hope was a miracle — often more than one. And so I vowed to clear my own mind and heart and become one with the quiet prayer that had carried me that far. I vowed to hold the remaining bits of trauma in my heart — knowing they would be transforned into healing words. And I held each new moment as […]

The Journey Back

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There remained a lingering sadness touched by tenderness. There were difficult moments and hands to reach out to when reminders came of the sometimes difficult path. There was a knowing and a compassion I wouldn’t have traded in for the journey back to my own heart.

Walking Through

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I am healer. When times get hard, I stand firm. With gentleness and love, I reclaim each part of me. When the outer world becomes noisy and my inner pain is too much, I begin by stopping and find relief in walking through. — What’s Right Here