A Gentler Me

For a while,

I looked to the

outer world for

something that would

offer an answer

or mend the whole

in my heart.

But this journey

had a way of

softening the healer

in me,

little by little —

until the purity

of her love

could no longer be

denied —

until there were

no more holes

in my heart

to be filled.

And life began

to reflect a truer,

gentler me.



It began as

a hint of self-love,

a quiet prayer

passed gently

by one or two

who dared

to risk dwelling

in unexplored places

within the heart.

It continued on

as compassion —

carried carefully

by those who had


in their own way,

the pain

and beauty

in holding

a separate perspective

and set of original


that couldn’t be


not really —

and the tenderness

in reaching

from this place.


This Listening

Writing calms me

like medicine.

It quiets me.

I don’t try to understand

with my mind.

I just let it flow out

and sink in

to my heart.

Sometimes one word

shows up in a piece

and reaches where I couldn’t

reach in other ways.

Maybe it is that

I have to become

so still inside

to listen

with my whole being.

Maybe it is this listening

that calms the little parts

of me so profoundly.

— Laurie, Heart Space

What's Right Here

In Vulnerability and Strength

I found a place of

stillness within —

reflected first

outside of me

in others who stood

in the center

of their own hearts.

I found great beauty

in the vulnerability

and strength

it took to stand

in that place,

to listen —

to show up

with a natural

compassion for self

and other

and the pure intent

to hold

what was there.


Also In My Heart

I found I could exist

in the world

and also in my heart —

participating fully

in daily life

without the need

or desire

to stay in

constant dialogue

about the story

on the surface —

choosing instead

to play a little

higher card,

to put these things

aside for a moment —

honoring and holding

a little space

for a deeper story

to be known.