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Within the Stillness of My Self

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There was a continuous movement within the stillness of my true Self. It was the softening of all parts of me that had felt separate and lost in repetitive cycles of emotional pain. I had reached the place of enough is enough and decided to find my way to tenderness. Tenderness came out of the realization I was reliving the exact same old pain I had vowed to never feel again. It came out of […]

A Gentler Me

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For a while, I looked to the outer world for something that would offer an answer or mend the whole in my heart. But this journey had a way of softening the healer in me, little by little — until the purity of her love could no longer be denied — until there were no more holes in my heart to be filled. And life began to reflect a truer, gentler me.


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Continuing On

It became my way to follow the quiet prayer that had led me through all experiences. There was peace in touching my own pure essence and meeting all that appeared from that place — trusting the safety found in honoring my own heart, however shattered it may have seemed.


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It began as a hint of self-love, a quiet prayer passed gently by one or two who dared to risk dwelling in unexplored places within the heart. It continued on as compassion — carried carefully by those who had discovered, in their own way, the pain and beauty in holding a separate perspective and set of original experiences that couldn’t be shared, not really — and the tenderness in reaching from this place.