All That Was Unhealed

Healing deeply was a little different than I had first expected it to be. I had to learn to hold and let go of all the pieces of my heart.

I learned to reach for my own inner healer — listening  beyond stories and thought — holding space for all that was unhealed in me — respecting the tenderness, authentic beauty, compassion and peace I found there that couldn’t have been taught.

I began to notice all the ways I had tried to reach this place that had actually taken me in the opposite direction. Instead of trying so hard to work out the stories in my mind, I learned to be in my heart — where unresolved pieces turned into pieces of art and honored wisdom. Whatever was needed began to unfold a little more gracefully from there.


Without Words

After a while,

I learned to listen

to the quiet prayer within.

It began as a whisper

without words,

but its presence was enough

to light my path

when I felt most challenged.

It reminded me of

the all that was miraculous

and led to a place

of compassion for myself

and others here at this time

as souls in human form.

In Compassion

I learned to move

in compassion.

I chose to notice

subtle insights

and find clarity.

I chose to know

myself more deeply

as both body

and spirit,

in this body for

a purpose I didn’t always


I chose to experience

negative emotions

and challenges

in new ways

and allow myself to be

drawn to new experiences

I didn’t know existed.

These new experiences

showed themselves

to me

as one continuous

quiet prayer.

And so I honored

this journey

in myself and



It began as

a hint of self-love,

a quiet prayer

passed gently

by one or two

who dared

to risk dwelling

in unexplored places

within the heart.

It continued on

as compassion —

carried carefully

by those who had


in their own way,

the pain

and beauty

in holding

a separate perspective

and set of original


that couldn’t be


not really —

and the tenderness

in reaching

from this place.

Gentle Loving Strength

Thank you

for the ability

to be gentle and loving

and the strength

to go against

what we must —

to follow

our own hearts.

Remind us of the beauty

that comes out of

living from a place

of true compassion.

Give us courage

to find our own

inner space

and to honor

this space in others —

to keep returning

and living

from here —

that we may

truly love.



There was a tenderness

in returning

to the quiet place

in our hearts,

a bittersweet

vow to honor

and release

all that had been


and pushed down

or covered up —

when what had

been seen as

so obvious

in the heart

could not be communicated

on the surface,

not directly,

and my own deepest pain

became triggered.

And so the challenge

became holding

all I knew

to be sacred,

no matter how

it appeared on

the surface —

reaching and joining

with others

who longed to find

a way to continue

to stand

in our hearts

and in a healing world —

holding a space

of compassion

beyond understanding

and finding a gentler way

for us all.

A Gentler Way

Help us to allow

all that is pure

and true

to flow out

in art and actions

and quiet prayers.

Let us search

our own wounded places

for compassion

beyond understanding.

Create sacred space

where there is none.

Help us to find

a gentler way.



Let us remember

the natural way

all things appear,


and fade.

Remind us to

hold each other

lightly —

that we may remember

the gentle way

of our own hearts.


In This Place

When what is in my heart

and yours

has gotten lost, somehow,

in translation,

may we have courage

to hold steady —

letting go and trusting

in all that can’t

be spoken.

May the words

that come back

be firmly rooted

in this place.