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Each Quiet Prayer

Prayers September 16, 2016

Thank you for each heart

that has answered

the call of Love,

showing up in a world

of great suffering

and great beauty,

being exposed

to all if it —

often intensely.

Thank you for each

quiet prayer

from each human soul

holding a sacred space

because the choice

was made

to look inside

or to reach out

for answers,

to do what was required —

to make this

sacred journey into the heart.

Thank you

for being here.


A Gentler Way

Reflections September 13, 2016

The time came

to find a gentler way,

to turn back

from the path of mind —

retracing my steps

just a little.

At first it felt

a bit lonely,

as there seemed to be

fewer taking this turn.

And I admit I missed

the crowds at times

and the paved roads

and maps.

But as I walked this

strangely familiar path

unfolding in front of me,

I began to remember

what it felt like

to walk on the earth,

to be free to notice

and allow my attention

to fall where it liked,

to experience the world

around me

and inside of me

without a constant

narrating mind.

And sure enough,

just as I had guessed,

I was okay

in this place —

where everything was

as it had been —

feelings and sensations

and challenges

and thoughts.

But without the narrator,

without the constant story,

they had taken on a

lighter feel,

softened somehow —

along this path

of the heart.

Into the Heart

Unsorted September 12, 2016

Thank you

for each part played

in this great mystery

of life —

for there are

surely no small parts here.

Thank you

for each act of love —

each burden carried,

held with honor

and transformed.

Thank you

for each moment

of true connection

kept sacred —

those who dare

to hold something pure


sharing only the beauty

of its reflection.

Thank you for each

courageous step

into the heart.


The Starting Point

Quieting June 21, 2016

The deepest kind

of healing,

I found,

didn’t come out of

neatly wrapped packages,

but from the persistent search

and willingness to sink

right down into

what appeared on the surface —

to see through it,

honoring without needing

to analyze or fix —

to become quiet

in my heart

so that the pure love

and clarity

I found there

naturally became

the starting point

in all instances.