Tag: sacred space


Holding March 10, 2017

Sometimes it was

hard to hear

the quiet prayer

in my heart

Sometimes life became

so noisy

and the best I could do

was to hold on

to the knowing

beyond doubt

that it was

in fact always there —

no matter what.

Somehow that was



Unsorted February 5, 2017

I vowed

to take all that was

not beautiful in my

own heart

and transform it —


I vowed to hold

each wounded part

in me,

including those that were

most difficult

to hold.

And when it was

not possible,

I held the empty space

of their absence.

I showed up

for each life experience.

I held it all

until it was possible

to set it all down.

And I found

that wherever

I placed myself

within this sacred journey,

I was held

safely within

my true,

whole self.