As a Prayer

No longer needing

to be neatly sorted,

I continued on

in search

of my own

true voice —

honoring all that had

gone before —

following the

painfully subtle

whispers —

gently shedding

all that was

no longer needed —

continuing on

as a prayer

that would forever

find its way.

As a Prayer

Let us be

brave enough

to continue to follow

the path of our hearts,

the whisper of hope —

that mysterious pull

to search and explore

and feel the story

beneath the surface —

no longer out of the need

to be fixed

or to fix,

but because we have

felt that longing

in our chests

and dared

to set it down —

to feel the emptiness

in our hands,

if only for a moment.

Help us to trust

in our own ability

to hold this life

a little more gently —

to be willing

to continue on

in each moment —

as a prayer.


In Trust

There were times

when the absolute best

I could do

was take the very next

needed step in trust

that the next

would appear

just as needed —

just as it had

always been.

And in-between these

small leaps of faith,

the voices of doubt grew

so much quieter

that I found myself

straining to hear —

as if their presence

could offer

any real security.

Funny, I had thought

they did.