Out of Nothingness

After a while,

it was most natural

to be the space

beyond words,

that strangely familiar place

where thought formed

out of nothingness

as quiet prayers

once known only

as far-away whispers

triggering some long-forgotten

memory of a time

when I was not

separate from the space

within my heart.


When the world

around us

becomes noisy,

when parts of us

have forgotten

the sacred space

from which

we started,

remind us

to hold this space

a little tighter.

Lead us gently back

to quiet places

and safe arms —

that we may be

the healers

and sacred guardians

that we are.


May these words be joined with others.


Space For Healing

I found

moments in time

to be part of

a continuous flow

of life.

Holding these moments


no longer needing

to cling

or sort each one


I began to find

my way back

to my deepest heart —

where there is calm —

where all that is sacred

is held safely

and honored.

There was still pain

in many forms,

but places inside

that had once pulled me

out of this place

and sent me searching

for reprieve

began to disappear

before me —

leaving more and more

space for the deepest

kind of healing

in my heart

and in the world

around me.