Help Us To Honor Our Own Hearts

Hold us a little tighter when we can’t find our way — as we can’t see the whole picture, and it’s easy to be frightened of the in-between times from here. Help us to honor all that has felt dishonored in our own hearts — that we might honor all things more deeply. Amen
–Laurie, What Now


I found it didn’t

matter so much

just how things

played out

on the surface.

The wholeness

of the world

around me

and within

never left my side —


It changed form.

At times

I seemed to be


But if I got

really honest

and brave enough

to look,

there was always

some connection —


There were times

when the contrast

of connection

and the disconnect

was too much

to hold

all at once.

But I learned

how to hold

and honor

my own steps

and those who

crossed my path —

a little at a time.

Life became

a sacred journey.

And whatever the world

reflected back

was okay.

Space For Healing

I found

moments in time

to be part of

a continuous flow

of life.

Holding these moments


no longer needing

to cling

or sort each one


I began to find

my way back

to my deepest heart —

where there is calm —

where all that is sacred

is held safely

and honored.

There was still pain

in many forms,

but places inside

that had once pulled me

out of this place

and sent me searching

for reprieve

began to disappear

before me —

leaving more and more

space for the deepest

kind of healing

in my heart

and in the world

around me.