No Matter What

There’s a tender

kind of humility

that comes out of

finding one’s own

deepest beating heart

and vowing to heal it

at that very core —

no matter what happens

on the surface —

because it is seen

that to make any kind

of lasting difference

it simply must

be done.

Words like should

and never no longer


In fact, all words

fail to express

the view

on the way back


Being Healer

Being healer

meant reaching in

for that last bit

of courage

to reach out

just one more time.

It meant taking

the pieces of

my heart

to safe places

and remembering how

to hold them.

It meant using

my flexibility

to continue on

as I was guided

to new places.

It meant using

my ability

to listen

a little more deeply

and to finally

understand that

the place I had

searched so hard

to find

was the sacred space

within my own



When the world

around us

becomes noisy,

when parts of us

have forgotten

the sacred space

from which

we started,

remind us

to hold this space

a little tighter.

Lead us gently back

to quiet places

and safe arms —

that we may be

the healers

and sacred guardians

that we are.


May these words be joined with others.

From Here

With each new challenge,

I scanned

my surroundings

as we do

when we begin

to feel unsettled —

reaching for

the strongest healers —

holding firmly


And I was reminded

each time

of the deepening calm

within my own heart.

And though it ached

for the parts of us

that were afraid

and the places

that remained


I was so thankful

to be able to hold

all of it —

to offer my piece —

to be connected

with this place —

to scan my surroundings

once more

to find

my firmest support

within my own heart

and yours.


Listening With My Heart

What was most helpful on my journey was being in a safe, honoring space because I had lost my own sacred space. I searched out the strongest, most loving healers I could find. I felt the love that radiated from these people who had done their own inner explorations and who were able to be in this space with me. I listened to their words, not with my mind, but with my heart.

— Laurie,¬†Heart Space