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Courage to Become

Prayers July 9, 2017

Thank you

for all things

reflecting the sweetness

of the connection

with my own deepest


Thank you also

for all things

along this path

that have challenged me,

adding to the

tenderness of the journey

and lighting

a fire of courage

to become a little more


Thank you

for courage to set

these things



The Most Tender Place

Continuing On January 11, 2017

I held on

to a tiny whisper

from my heart

and the smallest bit

of silent space.

I had tried

all other ways

and sensed the time

had come to risk

all that was left

and let go of my mind’s

idea of how

this thing should go.

Anyway, that tiny whisper

couldn’t be ignored

much longer.

The way

to a new place

was through

all I didn’t know —

the most tender place,

this place of


More Tender Than That

Reflections December 25, 2016

I kept searching

until I found

something that could

stop me

in my tracks.

I had let go

of many things.

I had tried so hard

for so long

to sort out

thoughts and all those

wounded places.

I had struggled

and given up.

I had been turned away

and breathed back.

But in that moment,

it was really much

simpler and

more tender

than that.

I found I was

the quiet prayer

in all of it.

In Faith

Reflections September 20, 2016

I vowed to continue on —

to take each step

in faith,

rooted firmly

in my heart,

unattached to the need

for outer relief —

holding my ground

in all situtions —

not always quiet,

not needing

to be right

or good enough

or even noticed —

simply playing my part

as it unfolded.

And there was

a beautiful silence

within my heart

I wouldn’t ever try

to fill again.