The Most Tender Place

I held on

to a tiny whisper

from my heart

and the smallest bit

of silent space.

I had tried

all other ways

and sensed the time

had come to risk

all that was left

and let go of my mind’s

idea of how

this thing should go.

Anyway, that tiny whisper

couldn’t be ignored

much longer.

The way

to a new place

was through

all I didn’t know —

the most tender place,

this place of



Without Words

There was peace

in being

without words —


all that was

too much

to be —

waiting for

a more subtle message

to form —

wating for our hearts

to speak.

A Little Lighter

I found life

continued to unfold —

each of us

doing our best

to listen

to our own quiet prayer,

getting lost

and returning

again and again

to silence.

I found it a bit


after a while —

all the trying

to understand and


And so I continued on

as a part of

the mystery —

a little lighter —

participating without ever

leaving the space

within my deepest heart

and just below

the surface.


Help us

to hold a space

for ourselves

and each other.

Remind us

of the power

in remaining

rooted in our hearts.

Help us to trust

in this natural flow

that has carried us

through unfolding stories,

into silence

and back.

Thank you

for each heart

in which true peace

is held.


Without Words

I began to get

a sense of

what it meant

to be in the heart,

to notice the peace

I had longed for.

It was quieter


And still I knew

to continue on.

After all,

there really was

no going back

and no clear destination —

only a mysterious

unfolding road

ahead of me

and the most beautiful

prayer I had ever heard —

without any words.




May I meet

this world

and the noise


with the grace

of knowing

all parts of myself

and the silence

of my own

deepest heart —


When I am tempted

to go a different way,

lead me gently




When we reach the place

where there are

no more words

to pray,

I will sit with you.

And I will wait.

And I will hold

a different kind

of prayer,

the one that comes

from our deepest hearts —

the one whispered

to my own soul.

And I will become

this silent prayer

that listens

and vows to hold

this place

in me

and in you