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Quieting December 17, 2016

My heart’s song

was in the natural way

I finally vowed

to go to the core —

to drop everything

and explore

a natural moment

of stillness —

to listen deeply

to nature and art —

to accept only

what was right

in front of me —

without labels,

withought thoughts

of being fixed —

without a need

to understand,

heal or change


I began to listen


A Gentler Way

Prayers November 23, 2016

Help us to allow

all that is pure

and true

to flow out

in art and actions

and quiet prayers.

Let us search

our own wounded places

for compassion

beyond understanding.

Create sacred space

where there is none.

Help us to find

a gentler way.


Into Nothing

Reflections March 5, 2016

I have held and honored —

set it all down —

watched as it faded back

into nothing.

I have waited

as the perfect pieces


And I have forgotten

and pushed —

tried to make

my own inner art

into something else —


I have forgotten

the importance of the holding

and remembered

as, in my frustration,

it found its own way

and revealed itself to me