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Carefully Gathered and Released

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The process of creating involved a tender aching of the heart as carefully gathered pieces were released back into nothingnes, again, and my heart dared to bear the moment before they appeared again, in a new way — a little unexpectedly. I understood, in those moments, why it is tempting not to endure this process, at times, reaching instead for a seemingly less painful option. ♡ I’m  happy to say I just finished my 4th […]

When There Seemed to be None

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I found life to be more complex than the old boxed-in thought that had made sense for a while. It wasn’t about being on the right team or choosing one clear path over another. It was about becoming honest with myself and seeing parts of me in others, even the most difficult to face or heal. It was about refusing to stay stuck in old patterns and daring to find creative solutions when there seemed […]

This Listening

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Writing calms me like medicine. It quiets me. I don’t try to understand with my mind. I just let it flow out and sink in to my heart. Sometimes one word shows up in a piece and reaches where I couldn’t reach in other ways. Maybe it is that I have to become so still inside to listen with my whole being. Maybe it is this listening that calms the little parts of me so […]

Into Nothing

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I have held and honored — set it all down — watched as it faded back into nothing. I have waited as the perfect pieces reappeared. And I have forgotten and pushed — tried to make my own inner art into something else — more. I have forgotten the importance of the holding and remembered as, in my frustration, it found its own way and revealed itself to me again.