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Continuing On February 1, 2017

I honor

all parts and pieces

of a heart

that showed itself

to be strong

and vulnerable,


and whole —

all at once.

I honor them all

because they refused

to sink quietly

into the back corners

of a heart that was

rightly their own.

I honor them because

the journey

was too much

for any one part

alone —

because turning back

or becoming stuck

would have been


Still they continued on

through the unknown —

refusing to give up


that their seemingly small

bodies and actions

could reach

and lead each other

to the truth —

however entangled

it had become.



Quieting January 15, 2017

In this

softened light

and standing firmly

in my heart,

I thought

just maybe being brave

meant stepping back

to peek behind

what seemed to be

so shattered.


we weren’t as broken,

good or bad

or disconnected

as our minds

had made us out

to be.

The Call To Listen

Unsorted November 9, 2016

There came a time

for the setting down

of seeing only

the surface,

when the call

to listen

to silent prayers

of our hearts

and my own reaching

for truth

could no longer

be ignored.

And so I let go

of tightly held

ideas of how

life should be

and began

to show up

as I was,

as it was,

trusting in the

pull toward wholeness,

however it appeared

on the surface.