Tag: Mindfulness

Hidden Safely Within

Quieting February 13, 2018

Again and again, I chose to find my way back to the silent spaces my mind once tried to escape. It was a gentle turning away from the constant inner chatter and outer struggles of mind — a sinking down into my heart — where mind, joined with heart, was able to reflect the quiet prayer of a love hidden safely within.



Quieting January 15, 2017

In this

softened light

and standing firmly

in my heart,

I thought

just maybe being brave

meant stepping back

to peek behind

what seemed to be

so shattered.


we weren’t as broken,

good or bad

or disconnected

as our minds

had made us out

to be.

Something Real

Quieting January 13, 2017

It happened subtly

at first.

Thoughts and ideas

and all those many

images and words

about how

we should be

and how

things had been

began to fade —

just enough

to let in

something unexpected —

an original thought,

a genuine expression,

a little breathing space —

a tender interaction

almost missed —

the serenity we felt

as we didn’t grasp.

Maybe it was us

who dared to

turn away

in search of

something real.

A Gentle Way

Reflections January 31, 2016

I found that healing deeply requires us to reach a little bit. We are required to stretch a little beyond our conditioned thinking, entering unknown places we have been afraid to trust — creating space for new ways. I found there is a gentle way of walking through that is much more pleasant than struggling against and avoiding ourselves. I found healing can feel good — magical even.

— Laurie, Heart Space