A Sacred Journey

After a little while,

I caught on that this

human experience was in fact

a sacred journey.

And so I began to take notes —

connecting the person

to a more expanded,

formless self —

comforting and guiding —

lighting my path

as it unfolded —

navigating through contrast —

following what felt most true —

listening and feeling my way

into my deepest heart.

Finding Calm

And so the unfolding continued,

along with challenges.

It took a bit of reorientation

into finding calm

in the midst of challenge,

but it was possible.

Finding creative ways of

meeting challenges and triggers

head on and moving through

quickly became a valued skill.

It helped to be okay

with having a tender space within

where it was understood

that some things might not ever

be completely resolved.

It helped to understand the difference

between resolution and transformation.

This quickly shifted the focus

onto the tenderness of meeting

the present moment without attachment

to future results.

It helped to remember that it was

this tender space that had

been the source of past healing

and creative processes.

Something Real

It happened subtly

at first.

Thoughts and ideas

and all those many

images and words

about how

we should be

and how

things had been

began to fade —

just enough

to let in

something unexpected —

an original thought,

a genuine expression,

a little breathing space —

a tender interaction

almost missed —

the serenity we felt

as we didn’t grasp.

Maybe it was us

who dared to

turn away

in search of

something real.

In This Moment

Let me be a reprieve

from the endless loops

of thinking and doing.

the space behind,

the place that mind

would say must be

around another bend

of more thinking

and doing

and teaching

and learning,

the place we look

right past

because we think

it should be different

or more,

because it includes

all that we would

choose to exclude.

Let me be that place

in this moment.


A Gentle Way

I found that healing deeply requires us to reach a little bit. We are required to stretch a little beyond our conditioned thinking, entering unknown places we have been afraid to trust — creating space for new ways. I found there is a gentle way of walking through that is much more pleasant than struggling against and avoiding ourselves. I found healing can feel good — magical even.

— Laurie, Heart Space