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Higher Thoughts

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What Now became a choice in each moment, the courage to release everything held so carefully for so long — again and again. It was the conviction to stand firmly in a space of not knowing — the willingness to loosen my grip on life — the choice to wait for inspiration and higher thoughts. Advertisements

In This Moment and the Next

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Sometimes prayers become wordless — when there are a million words in the heart, but not one to match the rawness of emotion felt. And so I offer my deepest silent prayer to the place of peace in us all in this moment and the next. And I honor our steps as we find our way. — Laurie, What Now

With an Open Heart

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Continuing On

Lead me gently as I continue on. Help me to show up in each moment with an open heart — to experience what is here — knowing the connection with my own inner healer in each moment — trusting the ultimate care of others to their own — remembering the tenderness and honor in being a part of this continuing mystery and of this great love. Amen


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There was something quietly satisfying in showing up without a mask, without the constant narrating mind. Perceiving became observing and honoring from a little higher place. Actions happened naturally. But it was the space, both expanding outward and anchoring me in that moment, that pulled me ever so gently toward my next needed step.


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What's Right Here

I return in stillness and in honor of what is always and only right here, seemingly distant, yet instantly close — so blindingly beautiful that I would sit forever — just to hear one more sweet whisper of truth. — Laurie, What’s Right Here

Just for a Moment

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Just for a moment, let’s hold what is most true. Let’s dust off those wordless prayers we keep tucked away and raise them up — past all the noise on the surface to their true place — not to reach some distant goal, but just to meet, just for a moment, in the heart. Amen

With Love

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Help me to hold what is here with love — to meet this moment with honor and grace, the kind of grace that allows all that has been too painful or too much to naturally transform itself back into its purest form. Amen