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Your Steady Hand

Waiting for Words February 8, 2017

Thank you

for walking with me

through my despair

when there was

no guarantee

that it would

be enough

to reach

the other side —

aside from

the feel of

your steady hand

and willingness

to wait for mine.

From Here

From A Quiet Prayer November 16, 2016

With each new challenge,

I scanned

my surroundings

as we do

when we begin

to feel unsettled —

reaching for

the strongest healers —

holding firmly


And I was reminded

each time

of the deepening calm

within my own heart.

And though it ached

for the parts of us

that were afraid

and the places

that remained


I was so thankful

to be able to hold

all of it —

to offer my piece —

to be connected

with this place —

to scan my surroundings

once more

to find

my firmest support

within my own heart

and yours.


What Is Most True

Prayers September 22, 2016

Give us strength

to stand firm,

to reach for what is

most true,

to find security

not in the things

we have been shown

to grasp,

but in our deepest core —

returning to our

natural place —

trusting those who have

made the trip before us —

reaching for others’ hands —

reaching ahead and behind,

gathering more strength

so that we may do

what we came to do

and share what we came

to share

as healers of our

own hearts.