Tag: gratitude

Keep Going

Prayers August 5, 2017

Thank you for gentle

souls who dare

to keep going,

refuse to give up


and continue

to look for

and hold

magic found

in unlikely places —

no matter how

many times

their hearts seem

to shatter

or how many

pieces need to be

gathered or set


Thank you for

tender heart



Into the Heart

Unsorted September 12, 2016

Thank you

for each part played

in this great mystery

of life —

for there are

surely no small parts here.

Thank you

for each act of love —

each burden carried,

held with honor

and transformed.

Thank you

for each moment

of true connection

kept sacred —

those who dare

to hold something pure


sharing only the beauty

of its reflection.

Thank you for each

courageous step

into the heart.


One True Heart

Prayers August 6, 2016

Thank you

for┬ábeing here —

for all the times

you took the chance

to soften your focus,

let go of pieces

you had held so tenderly,

and dared to believe

in the creative power

of one true heart.

The world is

a more beautiful place

because you are.

for Michelle and all of us. Happy Birthday, dear friend.